The stones have accumulated a lot of energy. According to the situation in person with one stone can sometimes work better than the other and vice versa. Change of circumstances may change and lucky stone, so it's worth experimenting with stones, to rely on your instincts and sympathy to one or another stone.

Agate-stone of prosperity, diversify
Amethyst - attracts wealth
Ametrinas - strengthens the effect of citric attract prosperity
Aventurine - helps bring success in business
Chrysoberyl - a stone property
Chrysoprase - home to attract wealth and pritekli
Citrine - stone of prosperity
Zircon - attracting property
Diamond - brings property success
Smoky Quartz - promotes creativity in business
Garnet - a stone of business success
Jolita - especially good to use to stabilize the financial situation, get rid of debt and better manage the money
Coral - attract prosperity
Blood stone - stone to attract wealth to help
Malachite - helps business attract prosperity
Nephrite (Jade) - promotes prosperity
Obisidianas - for entrepreneurs
Opal - the business is guaranteed success, if it wears honest, noble man
Peridot - and ensure business success in the work
Pearls - attracts wealth
Ruby - Stone Estate
Ruby with coizitu - wearing this stone, never run out of money
Sapphire - to attract financial success
Emerald - promotes well-being, wealth
Tiger Eye - prtraukia success in business, prevent bankruptcy and financial concerns
Topaz - attracting property
Turquoise - attracts wealth and success
Tourmaline - gemstone estate


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