akmenys vyrams For men to choose the right stones can help to build a career to manage a variety of financial affairs, love and help to preserve the old masculinity. Most men fit chrysoprase , blue turquoise , garnet , red coral , red tourmaline , rubelitas.
With a predisposition to obesity or smokers recommended chrysoprase . This stone can be worn complaining artery calcification with high blood pressure or are prone to heart ailments. Chrysoprase offers tranquility and a sense of balance, helps maintain the fidelity between the spouses.
Turquoise blue for strong, brave and not afraid to take risks for men. It inhibits fatigue, helps prevent flushing, erectile dysfunction, sweating and stress. This stone is often appropriate drivers, or people traveling on business trips, since it protects against accidents and incidents.
Garnet - passionate and active men in rock. It is perfectly regulates blood circulation and stimulates white blood cells.
Red coral strengthens the feeling of love, partnership, need help on the road. He has a positive effect on the heart, promotes fertility.
Men, and over the past 35 years, particularly suitable stones are red tourmaline or rubelitas. They provide strength, faith and peace, helps to feel internal harmony, discourages false friends. Usidariusius serious and makes men more sensitive to this stone. Desperate love and professional success gives you energy and helps to forget the previous pain.


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