Sun gives the Earth, there would be no life. The main impact on the Earth cosmic phenomena are different types of radiation, which are sent to planet Earth. The most important of them-the Sun. She is making a year in each of the 12 zodiac constellations and the sky s reverses the entire 360-degree circle.
Sun creates the birth of our inner essence, provides the creative impulse, the specific purpose of the public's desire, desire to gambling, entertainment, determines the loss of a relationship with God (or gods). It is a symbol of independence and individuality, spiritual development start.

Here is a simulation of the solar activity in real time. Images are updated every 30 minutes. The satellite sensors and cameras to technical problems periodically, not images.

Solar images in real time (online).

Ultraviolet telescope, the bright spots 60-80 of thousands of kelvins. The satellite SOHO LASCO C3

Corona image in real time (online).

Solar wind picture in real time (online).

Shows the solar wind, about 8.5 million kilometers from the Sun.

Solar wind picture in real time (online).

Space for the 32 solar diameters. Video diameter of about 45 million kilometers away from the Sun, or half of the diameter of Mercury. The sun can be observed many bright stars. The satellite SOHO LASCO C2

Solar bursts

Scale, there are five categories (in ascending order of power): A, B, C, M and X. In addition, each solar bursts are assigned a certain number. Pirmom keturiom categories - from zero to ten, and X categories - between zero and above.

Magnetic storms geomagnetic activity index

Kp index of geomagnetic disturbance lay in the degree. The higher the Kp index more problems. [Kp <4 - weak disorder, CP> 4 - a serious disorder.

HAARP magnetometer

'H' (black trace) is a positive magnetic north,
'D' (red trace) is positive East
'Z' (blue trace) is a positive downward


For more information: http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/cgi-bin/magnetometer/gak-mag.cgi

Note: The time indicated in the image of the North Atlantic.
For more information: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime-images.html; http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/rt_plots/index.html

Characteristics of the Sun

Distance from Sun: 149.6 million. Km = 1.496 x 1011 m = 8.31 minute light
Sunbeam: 695 990 km or 109 Earth radii
Solar mass: 1030 kg - 1989 = 333,000 Earth masses
Sun's surface temperature: 5770 K
Chemical composition of the solar surface of 70% hydrogen (H), 28% helium (He), 2% other elements (C, N, O, ...), by weight
Solar Center Point: 15.6 million. K
Sun in the center of the chemical composition of 35% hydrogen (H), 63% - Helium (He), 2% other elements (C, N, O, ...), by weight

Earth's magnetic field in real time

Seismic activity on planet Earth.

Here you can view all of our planet's earthquakes over time in real time. Minimum reading whichever earthquakes - 4 points.

Seismic activity map updated daily. To see more closely the area and scores, click the cursor at the center of an earthquake, you will open the enlarged areas of the map.

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