akmenys moterims Astromineralogai advises women to choose these rocks: moss agate , Amazonite , Amethyst , sardoniks, moon stone , white quartz, rose quartz , Turkish , rock crystal .
Moss agate helps to maintain a youthful appearance, gives a sense of peace and stability. To emphasize the feminine features, you should choose the lunar rock .
This stone stimulates gentleness, understanding, helps to better assess what is important for the future. Those who feel that there is a lack of femininity, or is controlled by emotions, should wear a ring with moon stone on the right hand little finger.
White quartz suitable for those who want to, but fail, to love, and Rose Quartz helps to overcome the anxiety of love, peace and harmony returns.
Stones can not only be worn as jewelry, but also use their elixir. Just take a pebble, washed under running water, put into a glass of water overnight and put it on the window sill on the east.
Awakening is to wash the face with water or wet ice made from it. Having problems with oily skin is perfect for Amethyst elixir, cleansing the pores.
Sardonikso elixir softens, smoothes and brightens the skin, and Amazonite elixir to revive it. Women with a tendency of female diseases, painful menstruation, or besiskundianioms climacteric period of time, it is advisable to drink the moon rock elixir.


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