Feng Shui (stones used for space and decoration)

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method to balance the ever-changing forces of the outside world in order to create peace, peace, harmony and success of home and family. The ancient Chinese divided the universe into five elements - wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Each element has its own energy, which affect the environment. If all the energy in the home is moving in harmony, then the environment is a harmonious, relaxed at the same time, providing strength and soothing. As part of this system, natural stones can be used for building a harmonious environment at home. Natural stones for perfect fit and because they are a natural. For example, peridot or obsidian is a volcanic activity, so they are directly associated with the fire element.

Gem - mineral, rock, organic or synthetic material that can be collected and used for jewelry. This is a natural process and worked precious, jewelry and puonieji stones, organic gems. Minerals are often found in nature called pusbrangakmeniais. Currently, among the experts is the presumption that all the stones are known as precious stones, the line between precious and semi-precious stones disappeared. However, the simplification of these concepts, however, the stones with unusual properties have been attributed to all the usual stones. Some authors classify the rocks in the true sense of gems ( diamonds , sapphires , rubies , emeralds , spinel, topaz , alexandrites, aquamarine , heliodor, morganitai) gems in the broad sense (quartz, etc.)., puoniuosius rocks (feldspar, jade , etc..) , rare collectibles stones ( Azur , apatite , diopsidas, etc.) and synthetic gems.

Gem weight is measured in carats. Karate (called Carat, the abbreviation ct) - the measurement unit for measuring the polished jewelry and gemstone weight. In 1907. International Committee for Weights and Measures in Paris conference was a metric carat, equal to 200 milligrams (mg) or 0.2 gram (g). Before carat which the mass has changed, so the historical weight of diamonds can now cease.

The sun, the planets revolving around it and around speeding satellites, asteroids, kometoidai, meteroidai, tarplanetin material objket the gravitational and magnetic fields, radiation is elektromagetiniai solar system. The dimensions of the planetary system, measured in the most distant planet Pluto's orbit mean diameter equal to about 12 billion kilometers (80 astronomical units).
Planetary system for 35-200 av-shrouded Edvorto kometoid Kuiper belt, and for 50-200 thousand. AV - Ortho kometoid spherical cloud. The outer edge of the cloud coincides with the range in which the solar gravitational force to coincide with the nearest stars in the force of gravity.

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