Feng Shui (stones used for space and decoration)

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method to balance the ever-changing forces of the outside world in order to create peace, peace, harmony and success of home and family. The ancient Chinese divided the universe into five elements - wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Each element has its own energy, which affect the environment. If all the energy in the home is moving in harmony, then the environment is a harmonious, relaxed at the same time, providing strength and soothing. As part of this system, natural stones can be used for building a harmonious environment at home. Natural stones for perfect fit and because they are a natural. For example, peridot or obsidian is a volcanic activity, so they are directly associated with the fire element.

In order to use natural stone as a feng shui items needs to be called Lo Shu grid, also called magic square, which divides the space into nine sectors, or direction. Each direction is associated with certain aspects:

Directional relation to those aspects and elements of appropriate stone
Direction Aspect Element Suitable stones
North Career Water
Opal , pearl , emerald , chrysoberyl , aquamarine , moonstone , coral
Northeast Wisdom, perfection Earth
Yellow and blue
Andalusite, tourmaline , agate , onyx , yellow jasper , jade , aventirinas , turquoise
East Family, community Tree
Green and purple color
Jet , amber , moss agate
Southeast Prosperity Tree
Green and purple color
Jet , amber , moss agate
Lunch The success and reputation Fire
Peridot , obsidian , agate ugininis , diamond , ruby , garnet , red jasper , sardoniksas, Red Tourmaline , Zircon
Southwest Relationships and Partnerships Earth
Yellow and blue
Andalusite, tourmaline , agate , onyx , yellow jasper , jade , aventurine , turquoise
West Creativity and Children Metal
White and gray
Malakhov , Azur , hematite
North-west Achievements and helpful people Metal
White and gray
Malakhov , Azur , hemtatitas
Center Harmony, Spirituality Earth
Yellow and blue
Andalusite, tourmaline , agate , onyx , yellow jasper , jade , aventirinas , turquoise

In order to use magic square will be a house or room plan and divide it by the direction of the compass. Then you will know the location of any element can be activated, for example, for career achievements in the north direction should be helped to opal or pearl. Stones can be placed in a decorative, flower pot or hide or something. Also, some fields can store and jewelry from certain stones. You are surprised when they see what achievements you can get!

Additional feng shui tips:

  • Hematite - if the child is distracted and unable to concentrate, to help hematite his room, or room on the west side. Hematite, placed at the door laukuj, protects against intrusion and theft (you can help a few stones or decorative flower pot dish, the same applies to labradorite)
  • Rose Quartz - the room lay the southwest side of the encourages harmonious relationships and love, for various crystals, especially heart-shaped, also the support for the bedroom and bathroom
  • If the room is cut off angle - Various room layouts, it is then harvested and one of the drop, symbolizing some aspect. This is useful angle is truncated at an angle with the help of natural stone asocijuojani (Table Directional relationship with aspects of the features of the stones "), and thus the adverse effects.
  • If the room is a boom, they are the bearers of potentially hazardous energy. To avoid this, it is advisable to help after seeing the potted plants, pots and put a protective stone . The same method applies to a whole reflect the negative energy - for example, directed sharp corners (furniture, walls, etc.).
  • If the furniture (sofas) are pushed together so that they can not bypass around by creating block corners, an adverse effect on the flow of energy shi. It is therefore advisable in places on the ground, tables, flower pots or activating the energy stones - lemon, garnet, jasper, sardonikso.
  • It is advisable to wealth and prosperity in the corner to help property-catching stones.

Feng Shui jewelry

  • Properly and intuitively select jewelry can give people a lot of energy and success, but it should be worn to avoid cracked rocks, because they attract negative things as well and do not wear jewelry, which is associated with the wrong things, or give rise to negative memories. It is believed that it is better not to buy jewelry antikvariate do not know what these people have used jewelry, and can it be that part of the problem and stayed jewelry store. If you really want to wear jewelry inherited, well, or just purchased a new, attention should be paid to cleaning jewelry . Also, if you think that paveldtiems jewelry cleaning does not help, you can try to re-melting, after removal of the wells.
  • It happens that for a time obscured the bare stone, lose luster or trksta. This means that you served in it, so it is advisable that little nebesipuoti. Also, negative information compiled before the death of the human-hand jewelry.
  • Jewelery boxes should be considered beautiful, not mixed, as well as constant review.
  • It is also necessary to draw attention to the fact that certain colors to attract a certain energy.

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