Crystals - the largest concentration of the mineral form of energy. The strongest power - and the root of the limb. The premises, human chakras and energy to clean the solids and harmonization. Crystals are women irvyriki. It is advisable for men, women and men - women. Male full crystal apex pointed, and the women - as if cut off.
Smooth types of various minerals. Their energy is strong enough, and therefore suitable for treatment and for everyday use. They can maintain the balance of the chakras, clean environment. Energy is distributed evenly.
Balls of the same energy radiates in all directions, so you can keep both the home and workplace. It is worn, the stone evenly distributes energy aura, chakras, is ideal for cleaning (can be placed individually on each chakra).
Eggs, like balls, clean environment. Especially good clean aura.
Pyramid directs the beam their energy up, but also straight forward and concentrated it down. It works like acupuncture. Therefore, it can be placed on unhealthy sites of damaged organs, especially the known specific disease focus. It cleans the environment. Tip of the pyramid acts as a laser beam.
Ball necklace creates a strong energy field. This energy penetrates deep into the body, harmonizing work and strengthens resistance to adverse environmental effects and diseases.
Multifaceted beads very strong: It activates the body's powers, cleanses the chakras, aura. At the same time a positive impact on the surrounding aura spreads harmony and purity.
The circle is slightly convex. It harmonizes., Centers.
Moon Shape promotes insight, clairvoyance, intuition, feminine, cyclical nature.
Heart promotes kindness, friendliness, generosity.
Dice associated with the order form and material things. This is a very strong restrictive form. Long-wearing man to become assertive.


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