Women of 40 are already well-established taste and your opinion, what are the most toys are appropriate. If you never pay little attention to the shape and appearance of the gems that your mom likes, try to look at her own locker. Probably you will find a more appropriate middle-aged women in jewelery made ​​from red or yellow gold. And if your mother is monitored by fashion jewelry is made of white gold, have become popular in the last few years, like jаi no less.

Better not give my mother a lot of thin rings, bracelets, earrings or small, are beautiful eye-catcher on the young panel. Solid gold jewelery from a large stone easily divert attention from the flabby skin, creating a distinct emphasis on the perfect gemstone.

Jewelry for mom

Collect the stone depending on the shape, beloved mother is necessary to evaluate your desire to improve its appearance. Long ring fingers will fit with a horizontal design, and short - with the vertical. Asymmetric or triangular ring finger will allow putliems look elegant. Unfortunately, the hands usually reveals the woman's age, but you can hide the noticeable shortcomings - visually hide the joints of the fingers will help broad rings with precious inserts. Necklace or chain experienced a woman must be of sufficient length to about 50-60 cm, and should be 5 cm below the clavicle. It would look stylish addition to the chains - V-shaped pendant.

Eternal Classics

Sniffing the classic gift of gold jewelry March 8 s, in practice, you decrease the likelihood of improper purchases. Bold experiments leave to a later date - be sure to thank your mom for a gold bulldog pendant or a particular size of the ring with colored stone. However, this ornament is likely to remain lying in the skrynelje, and we want the gift to bring joy to every day.
Classic rings or earrings with diamonds - the perfect choice for those who truly appreciates her mother's love and affection. Even if your mother is not very fond of gems and jewelery in addition to their wishes, the diamonds will not be able to resist it.
Gold jewelry with spectacular brangakmieniais never go out of fashion, even more so wear them with a variety of clothing will be every day, fearing to be accused of bad taste. And indeed, what could be more wonderful than a diamond on a woman hand. When choosing a gift of 8-s very important to balance the classical and modern trends, which may otherwise be likely to purchase a piece of jewelry out of fashion.
Today divided the jewelry into two main areas - plant motifs and geometrical patterns. Who is more like your mother - the golden petals of the gems, and maybe focus a chain of circles or thrombus? Here you will come to help only your observations and sense of style. Thanks to the wide selection of jewelery stores before you offer the largest choice.
If you do so you could not make a decision, make it easier - call your mom and ask what she would like to receive gifts during the March 8 th day. Therefore, your gift of gold, not the least valuable, though is likely to become the favorite ornament of his mother.


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